Perfecting The Balance Between Motherhood And Business Success 

If you are a working mother or mother-to-be who would like to strike a balance between caring for your family and succeeding in business, Mother Industrialist shows you how! 

With freedom in time and finances, you can escape the pressures of the working world. As an entrepreneur—or “mompreneur”—you have the ability to spend time with your family, improve your financial situation and even have more children if you wish. 
Author Kenneth Choo offers advice on starting your own business and claiming the happiness you deserve. He shares insights about the working world as well as the personal stories of 15 women who transformed themselves into thriving mompreneurs. Today, more than ever, you can choose to live life on your own terms, to craft a future for yourself and your family that is emotionally and financially rewarding. Mother Industrialist will set you on that path.


What Is This Book About?

The majority of mothers face many mental, financial, and physical challenges when it comes to handling the responsibilities of their jobs as well as taking care of their children. Many struggles to find any me time for themselves and parenting does not feel as fulfilling as it should, often resulting in post-natal depression. This condition affects family members, especially spouses, creating trouble in otherwise healthy marriages when couples should be celebrating the births of their children.

Mother Industrialist helps busy moms find the perfect balance between motherhood and business success. This guide will motivate you and show you how to empower yourself through entrepreneurship that will allow you to live life on your own terms. Meet fifteen successful mompreneurs in these pages and learn from their inspiring journeys.

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Here's What You'll Learn From This Amazing Book:

Gain and maintain the perfect balance between motherhood and business so you can spend more time with your loved ones without worrying about to-do lists and money.


  • Finding your passion, purpose, and profit (the three P’s) so you can kick start your entrepreneurial journey, working only part time.
  • Learn from inspiring mommypreneurs who have found success in business and at home.
  • Build a business that can generate passive income for you.
  • What are the twelve attributes of being a mommypreneur?
  • Discover how to start pursuing your dreams even during early motherhood.



  • Get out of the rat race.
  • Rely on entrepreneurship to give you more time with your children.
  • Every single mother deserves to be an entrepreneur.
  • Find out why mommies make the best entrepreneurs.
  • Discover how you can use your passion to start a business.
  • Use the power of the internet, the best platform for mothers to start any business.
  • Change your children’s future for the better.



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* 10% of the proceeds from this book will be donated to my adopted charity to support 
and help the marginalised and underserved kids communities across the globe.

 Here's What Other People Are Saying About Kenneth Choo:

"Kenneth is a very established yet grounded young man. He is full of passion for life and generates positivity for all those fortunate to be around him. Besides having setup 2 successful enterprises, he continues to look for ways to engage himself with the community, especially the less fortunate. He has done many projects for our foundation and has been a strong champion for our social cause. As a working mother, I appreciate the depth and value-add of his knowledge. "
Yvonne Siow
Community director
WorldVentures Foundation"

"Always having the heart to serve towards the less fortunate is what Kenneth comes off as a person and a business partner. He understands and empathizes the challenges faced by others and always gives a pair of listening ears. This book will definitely provide a great amount of insight for mothers to achieve a perfect balance between motherhood and business success. Kenneth always delivers as he has been an honorable friend and a true servant leader. He earnestly helps people around him without any reservations. It has always been a great pleasure working with him through the years." 

James Lee,
Entrepreneur & Author of 'Flip Your Switch To Be Rich',
"Kenneth Choo has been in the parenting industry for many years. He is one of the most connected individuals I know of. If you need to find someone in a certain area or function, he will have it! His strong network definitely helps him in branching out to become a successful entrepreneur and his other endeavour. He is also very resourceful and able to think out of the box. He will be a valuable asset to any company he works with. I wish him all the success for his new book.."

Alex Luk 
Founder of J.Direct Pte. Ltd. & EmarketPlace Pte. Ltd.

“When I first met Kenneth, he was a very friendly and approachable sales and marketing person. Eventually we became friends and I have seen him grow into a promising entrepreneur. I am honoured to be featured in his book, Mother Industrialist. Thank you and keep up the good work.”

Founder and Chief Baker, Petite Bakehouse LLP

“I believe that Mother Industrialist by Kenneth Choo will be an inspiring book for ladies who seek to establish a successful business as mothers. They will find courage, hope and inspirational wisdom by learning from likeminded women/mothers who shared their success journey in this book.” 

Founder and Director, MapMyGene LLC

Inspiring Mompreneurs featured in the book

Rachel Chong
Gena Ng
Mel Lim
Millie leung
Maryann Koh 1
Rachel Yang

and many more inspiring mompreneurs' stories featured in Mother Industrialist!

* 10% of the proceeds from this book will be donated to my adopted charity to support
and help the marginalised and underserved kids communities across the globe.
Kenneth with book

Kenneth Choo is an entrepreneur, business and marketing consultant, and a mother industrialist. He started KC Creative Marketing in 2015 after working in the advertising, media sales & marketing industry since 2004. With his past experience in sales and marketing for the parenting industry, he has helped craft strategies that outshine competitors'. His extensive network has also helped clients reach more customers.

Kenneth is a digital marketing strategist who specializes in helping mommies achieve both time and financial freedom. He has helped thousands of clients find success with their marketing campaigns, and he loves to help his clients brainstorm out-of-the-box solutions that will truly make a difference for them.

Kenneth is known for thinking outside the box when it comes to solving problems. His goal is to help more mommies achieve both time and financial freedom so they can spend more time with their loved ones and children!

Mother Industrialist is the book that helps moms become entrepreneurs and perfects the balance between motherhood and business success. It's a resource for every mother who wants to start her own business, no matter what stage of life she's in or how much time she has.

"I believe that Motherhood is the best time
to start your entrepreneurial journey!"
- Kenneth Choo